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The AAI 3 Diver Gas Console was designed for simplicity of operation with the capabilities of leaving input supply valves open without back pressure mixing of different gases through the high pressure regulators by the simple turn of a cross over valve. The regulator design gives the operator the option of isolating a regulator by turn of one isolation valve. The downstream/low pressure side of the panel is all ½” brass tubing (stainless steel tubing optional). The low pressure inlet to the divers supply also has a ½” Circle Seal Check Valve, which prevents a HEO2/HP air contamination if a cross over valve is left open by the operator by mistake. Each diver has an independent shut-off valve/line pressure gauge. The diver’s output supply has a ½” check valve so Nitrox can be introduced outside of the console for decompression purposes. Gas analysis for the divers supply gauge can be monitored during the whole dive.

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