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Item #: CS06930

Stanleys hydraulic chain saws offer the highest

power-to-weight ratio of any chain saw on the

market today. They're ideal for bucket truck use

because of their wide range of flow and pressure

requirements. Used around the world by utility

companies, professional tree trimmers and

construction crews. Safety has been designed in

all models feature interlocking triggers, hand

guards, low kickback bars and chains. Hydraulic power doesn't require a flywheel to smooth power pulses

so there is no chain coasting when you release the trigger. Kickback is also reduced without the centrifugal

force from the flywheel used on gas driven saws. Features a floating rim sprocket for longer wear and easy

replacement. Can be ordered in a wide variety of bar lengths. For extra flexibility, the Dual Spool

models provide you with the ability to power the saws from either an open or closed-center hydraulic

system using the same saw. Models can be special ordered for use with dedicated open or closed-center

hydraulic systems. The CS05/06 hydruailc, pistol-grip chain saws can be used for all types of pruning and

cleaning applications. With an optimum input flow of only 5 gpm/20 lpm, the CS05 is ideal for

applications where the hydraulic power source is limited to 5 gpm/20 lpm. (HTMA Type I). The more

powerful CS06 is designed for use on HTMA Type II Circuits with a full 8 gpm/30 lpm output.

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